50 shades of confused….

so….i don’t get why people are saying that the books are absolutely terrible? seriously, r u not reading between the lines? i think people like this are only reading it for the sex content and not the story…they’re seriously not paying attention. I loved every bit of it…yes i think the writing style could have been better because most of the characters were talking too politely to each other throughout the whole thing but other than that, i think it was pretty damn good…SPOILER (kinda)….I actually cried when Ana was trying to get Christian to admit that no matter how fucked up his mother was, that he still loved her; that every child has no other choice but to love their parents…yes. speaking personally, my father was horrible to my mother and didn’t really want me ( i haven’t seen him in almost 15 years)…and no matter what shit he’s done, i realized that i do love him and i didn’t know why…I have no desire to see him again, but i will love him regardless. 

maybe its the lack of experience some people have, which isn’t their fault, but i related to this book on some level. it was a good story of romance and demons and i will gladly read it again.